PESCAVET will contribute to the development of coastal communities and the maritime sector in the Mediterranean and Black sea, through quality and innovative training courses for professionals related to pesca-tourism. The latter is a relatively new concept of fisheries related tourism that aims to support the supplement incomes of fishermen and their families and to provide knowledge on mechanisms for creating attractive activities for tourists visiting the coast. It also contributes to society awareness about the problems of the marine sector and the traditional fishing culture. The project will target professionals in order to

  • raise awareness for career opportunities in the fisheries related tourism and the improvement of their skills via the implementation of a benchmark exercise on new processes and marketing techniques for designing, promoting and review of products or services in pesca-tourism (IO1),
  • the creation of a Gateway for technical support to the beneficiaries with specific training and coaching (IO2) and
  • the development of an E-course on enhancing entrepreneurial skills in pesca-tourism (IO3).

The project brings together four partners from four countries in the Mediterranean and Black Sea basins, dealing with Blue Economy. It will provide a coherent response to the challenges faced by the sector, complementing and adding value to existing initiatives developed by various stakeholders.


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