Output Title O1 : Benchmark Synthesis Report on new processes and marketing techniques for designing, promoting and review of products or services in pesca-tourism

The objective of IO1 is to provide an optimal knowledge framework for the development and enhancement of pesca-tourism entrepreneurship, to be used not only during the project’s duration, but more importantly beyond its completion. The IO1 will identify the key topics for the development of the training chapters/modules in IO2 and IO3, and will establish a baseline for knowledge on new processes and marketing techniques for products and services in pesca-tourism (PT) in the participating and other EU countries.


Output Title O2: PESCAVET Gateway for technical support to the beneficiaries for specific trainings and coaching

The aim of this Output is the creation of a gateway to facilitate access to training and provide technical assistance for professionals, who lack in entrepreneurship knowledge and skills related to maritime/fisheries sector. The gateway will give access to professionals who wish to acquire new skills and competences in line with emerging Blue Economy trends, in order to establish and/or improve blue economy businesses.

The PESCAVET gateway will help the target group aspiring to become entrepreneurs in the field of pesca-tourism by providing information, training and technical assistance in one location.


Output Title O3 PESCAVET E-course for young people on enhancing entrepreneurial skills in pesca tourism

A Training Course on enhancing entrepreneurial skills in pesca-tourism will be developed with the goal to provide a practical framework for developing specific and targeted skills for

the sector.

More, specifically, the course aims to enhance and deepen the competences of professionals in the field of pesca-tourism, while benefits from undertaking the course include:

- Fostering maritime and tourism entrepreneurship in local communities for professionals;

- Better understanding the role of diversification of fishing activities;

- Improved knowledge to design, promote and review of products or services;

The Training Course consists of 9 modules that will include guidelines, exercises, case studies etc. It will be digitalized through recorded lectures and on-line group discussions which

will be included in the PESCAVET gateway (IO2).


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